Fundraisers Intro


So things are tough all over for sure, but that doesn't mean I can avoid doing absolutely everything I can to help create opportunities for others.

Like honestly, I've spent a lot of time learning and fine tuning "my craft", and this is just typing out a blog post. Once it's up it up. I just got to do the little bit of work and make sure that it can feed itself, and then it's off to planting the next seed really.

But, I think this blog format will be how I line up fundraising for the meantime. Like, I could get some sort of app or coding done to make it cooler but whatever. 

What we'll do is we can start with a blog describing the fundraiser and how funds will be generated towards our goal. I'd like to have some fundraisers geared towards groups, and then some that are intended for more personal stuff. My first one is going to be really simple but I think it could be cool with a bit of momentum.

I will periodically post updates on the status of the fundraiser and include little tidbits/extras so we all can have something to look forward to. I'm also going to leave comments area open on all of these so I can get feedback and we can build a bit of a community area.

Just don't be one of those people who muck it up yea



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