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First round here we go!!

Ok, I'm going to try and keep it short and sweet cause I'm not a writer. 

Everything's expensive, so I want to allocate some of the offering from the in house brand to generate some funds for a giveaway pot. I want to give away more often than not, so it'd be great to set the goal limit to $500. It could be raised quickly, and it is a nice present to someone who isn't expecting it.

There is a specific program called Vendor Consignment that I use here in Shopify. This is the same application that I use to calculate earnings for my partner's storefronts. All I do is tell it what products to consider, and how much of each product sold will be allocated towards each partner, or fundraiser in this case. 

I'll relay goal updates here in the Everything Is Awesome blog, and eventually we'll be able to pick a random supporter for a nice little surprise. I don't want to be all stingy about it so I'd like to pick someone who has made a purchase, or someone who follows us, or our partners somewhere on the internet.

Let's start off with 10% net proceeds from each "Not So Social Club" item sold will be going directly into this fundraiser. 


We'll get more fundraisers going as more designs are added, so please let me know if you have an idea about what our next one could be.



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